Rangemaster Tactical Conference


Tac-Con is famous for its amazing slate of renowned trainers from all over the country. Below is a partial list of our confirmed presenters so far. Please check back here often, as the list will be updated as more information is available. To see the schedule matrix and learn more about the different training blocks, please visit our Course Descriptions page.

William Aprill is a licensed mental health professional with over 15 years experience across the continuum of care. He presently maintains a private practice and consultancy specializing in post-traumatic interventions and other disciplines. William is a former deputy sheriff (Orleans Parish, LA, Criminal Sheriff’s Office) and Special Deputy US Marshal (Eastern District of Louisiana). He is a decorated competitive shooter and has taught civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel in various fighting skills since 1990. William maintains an active schedule both as student and teacher, having been instructor-rated by several top-tier trainers and studying under many of the most influential members of the combative arts community. Through his company, Aprill Risk Consulting, William has presented his material on violent criminals and their decision-making, defensive incident aftermath, mindset development, and defensive preparedness locally and nationally, including at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), the Rangemaster Tactical Conference, Tactical Response Alumni Weekend, and Paul-E-Palooza, the memorial fundraiser for the family of the late Paul Gomez.

Andrew F. Branca, Esq. is one of the foremost experts in U.S. self-defense law across all 50 states.  His groundbreaking book, The Law of Self-Defense, is now in its third edition. His expertise has been sought by the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, NPR, numerous other media organizations, and many private, state, and federal agencies. Andrew is a Massachusetts lawyer, Life Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and adjunct instructor on the Law of Self-Defense at the Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH. He regularly lectures and speaks throughout the country on how to protect yourself against both a violent attack and the legal machine that descends upon you afterwards.

Darryl Bolke teaches with Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He retired from a Southern California police department as a Sr. Corporal after 19.5 years as a full time officer due to injuries sustained during a violent on-duty confrontation. He was a Firearms Instructor and Armorer for the Special Weapons and Tactics Team for 17 years, and the primary instructor for all firearms systems used by his agency. He also provided mandatory firearms training for the fire department Bomb Squad and Arson investigators.

Darryl assisted on the investigation of over 75 officer involved shootings assisting the administrative investigation team with the firearms portion of these investigations. He provided expert testimony in regards to firearms usage and police tactics in numerous court cases. Bolke also developed and implemented a nationally recognized edged weapons policy and training program for law enforcement. His past assignments have included 3.5 years in a full time bicycle unit and 4 years as a Tactical Flight Officer in the Air Support Unit, as well as 10 years as a Field Training Officer and a year assignment primarily working vice. A majority of his career was working at night in a patrol environment.

Darryl also spent several years as a licensed Private Investigator specializing in high level corporate cases and worked high level executive/VIP protection and high threat protection details in the private sector. He has been on staff with several organizations providing firearms and edged weapons instruction. Darryl Bolke is also the Unconventional Weapons editor for Surefire’s Combat Tactics magazine and has had numerous published magazine articles in both the U.S. and Japan on firearms, edged weapons, and related equipment. He has also authored numerous California P.O.S.T. certified classes.

Caleb Causey (owner and director of training for Lone Star Medics) has been involved with field and tactical medicine for over 20 years. Caleb is a former US Army Combat Medic with multiple deployments. Following the military, he spent six years with the fire department where he was a member of the engine, ladder companies, and dive team. During those six years, he was also assigned to the SWAT team as the team medic. He has earned several state, national, and international certifications at both the provider and instructor level. Causey attended an accelerated paramedic program and became an adjunct instructor shortly thereafter. In 2009 Caleb started Lone Star Medics with the help of several close friends and began teaching across the US. Caleb and LSM have been featured in several media outlets over the years, and Caleb has written several articles himself. He has presented at multiple conferences, trade shows, and schools, and he is proud to have been a presenter for several years at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference.

Chris is a 28 year veteran of law enforcement and founder of Cerino Consulting and Training Group in Ohio. He has been a SWAT member, Federal Agent and more, but mostly he has always been a trainer. He trains internationally, competes regularly and works in the firearms industry in a wide variety of positions.

Over the past 17 years, Tim Chandler has had the opportunity to learn from the best instructors in the military, law enforcement, citizen defense, combatives, and competitive shooting worlds. Tim has earned three instructor certifications from Rangemaster (pistol, shotgun, and advanced instructor), and he currently teaches with Justified Defensive Concepts, FPF Training, and 360 Performance Shooting. He has taught with Tom Givens, John Murphy, Green Ops, and the late Todd Green.

Wayne teaches with Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He retired from the Richardson, TX Police Department after a 25-year career with service in Patrol, Deployment (covert tactical/crimes specific unit), SWAT, Narcotics/Intelligence, the FBI-Dallas Organized Crime Task Force, and Major Crimes/CID. For nearly 10 years, Wayne directed and managed his department’s firearms training program. He received his FBI Police Firearms Instructor certification in 1980 and has continually been involved in firearms training for police, private citizens and government contractors since that time. Wayne has trained continuously for many years under the top names in the industry: Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers, Pat Rogers, Paul Howe, Clint Smith, Jerry Miculek, John Farnam, Tom Givens, and others.

Craig Douglas (a/k/a “SouthNarc”) is the founder of ShivWorks, a consortium of like-minded professionals devoted to training and product development in the emerging field of interdisciplinary problem-solving for self-defense. Craig retired from law enforcement after 21 years of service with the bulk of his career spent in narcotics and SWAT. Since 2003, Craig has been teaching globally under the ShivWorks brand and has conducted coursework on entangled shooting skills in nearly 40 states and nine foreign countries. He has taught for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and to three branches of the U.S. military.

Greg Ellifritz owns Active Response Training. Greg has been a police officer since 1995 and spent 13 years as the full time tactical training officer for his central Ohio agency. In that position, he was responsible for developing and instructing all of the in-service training for a 54-officer police department. In addition to his training position, he has served as patrol officer, armorer, bike patrol officer, bike patrol coordinator, sniper, and field training officer for his agency. Greg holds instructor, master instructor, or armorer certifications in more than 75 different weapons systems, defensive tactics programs, and law enforcement specialty areas. He has taught classes nationwide for The Tactical Defense Institute, Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. 

John S. Farnam is a prolific author and the founder and president of Defense Training International. He is presently a fully commissioned deputy sheriff (Training Officer) for the Park County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office. With years of experience as a law enforcement trainer and a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, John is one of the top defensive firearms instructors in the nation. He has personally trained thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agency personnel, many private security agencies, foreign governments, and hundreds of civilians in safe gun handling and the tactical use of the defensive firearms.

After completing a 25-year career in law enforcement and specialized security work, Tom opened his own pistol range in Memphis, TN in 1996. For 18 years, it was the primary source of handgun carry permit certification for the greater Memphis area. Soon joined by his wife Lynn, the training duo formed Rangemaster Firearms Training Services to share their expertise with a much broader audience. They now travel across the country and around the world to arm responsible citizens with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively protect themselves and their families. 

John has been a federal law enforcement officer since 1992, serving primarily in uniform patrol. He currently serves as an instructor (firearms, tactics, active shooter, & use of force), an armorer, and a field training officer for his agency. John has earned firearms instructor certifications from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) (Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Rifle, Select-Fire), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Rifle Association (NRA), and Rangemaster (Advanced Instructor Certification), among other organizations. John has been a Rangemaster instructor since 2001 and has helped teach armed citizens, law enforcement officers, and military personnel across the country. He is also a noted public speaker and has been engaged for speeches and research presentations on armed defense and use of force at a variety of national and international venues since 2005.

Brian Hill is the founder of the Complete Combatant, which focuses exclusively on training armed citizens to meet the challenges of defending themselves. Brian operates out of two locations: The Complete Combatant/Fusion Mixed Martial Arts is located in Kennesaw, GA; and he owns a private range in Dahlonega, GA. Brian offers force-on-force courses, mixed martial arts classes, proactive mindset lectures, and firearms training. He has been a full-time coach for 35 years and excels in helping people of all levels reach their goals by teaching them HOW to practice, HOW to measure their skills, and HOW to test themselves.

Scott Jedlinski (aka “Jedi”) is a lifelong martial artist (TKD, Muay Thai, BJJ) and accomplished marksman with hundreds of hours of training from some of the best instructors in the industry, ranging from tactical/self-defense to competition.

Scott is a Master-class shooter in USPSA and the 16th recipient of the F.A.S.T. Drill (#15) coin. He is also a three-stripe Purple Belt under Tony Passos. He’s also had the honor of instructing members of Pentagon ERT, Fairfax County K9, NYPD Instructor Cadre, Chicago SWAT, Ohio Tactical Officers Association, Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, George Mason University Police, Santa Ana CA PD, the FBI National Tactical Training Unit and many more.

While Scott can teach many aspects of the successful implementation of a pistol, his main focus is the instruction of the red dot equipped pistol. On these foundations, Scott founded The Modern Samurai Project in Northern Virginia, where he offers private and small group instruction on basic self defense and firearms.

Tiffany Johnson is a practicing attorney and teaches legal studies at the University of Memphis. After years of fearing guns, she started taking classes and changed her views. She now blogs about law, race, and modern (mis)perceptions on firearms through her website, Front Sight Press. Tiffany holds instructor certifications from the NRA (Training Counselor), Massad Ayoob Group (Deadly Force Instructor), and Rangemaster (Advanced Instructor Certification). Tiffany teaches firearms classes with Citizens Safety Academy in Tennessee, and she assists Tom and Lynn Givens with Rangemaster classes as well.


With experience as a law enforcement officer, school teacher, firearms trainer, and Army officer, Ed Monk has been researching, analyzing, and providing training on the Active Killer threat for over ten years. He has given presentations on the topic to universities, schools, churches, law enforcement agencies, and other audiences in several states, and he currently trains an Arkansas school district with armed school staff. Ed is co-owner and instructor at Last Resort Firearms Training in White Hall, AR, where he trains students on the defensive use of handguns and other firearms.

John Murphy has been instructing civilian concealed carry classes for fifteen years and has trained under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, incorporating the best and most practical methods and techniques into his courses. While he has extensive military and civilian Department of Defense experience, he has learned much more about shooting and self-defense for citizens in these venues than he has during his service. John founded FPF Training in northern Virginia and is increasing the number of courses he offers around the country.

Aqil Qadir is a former police officer, a government security contractor, and the founder and lead instructor of Citizens Safety Academy in Murfreesboro, TN. He is an NRA Training Counselor and has earned instructor credentials from several organizations, including the NRA, Rangemaster, Yavapai Firearms Academy, Sabre Red, IALEFI, and Defense Training International. Aqil is a longtime member of the Rangemaster family, having studied extensively under Tom and Lynn Givens.

Ashton Ray is a U.S. Navy veteran and owner of 360 Performance Shooting in Pittsburgh, PA. As part of his commitment to continuing education, Ashton Ray has trained with some of the best instructors in the industry, including Benjamin DeWalt, Todd Louis Green, Tom Givens, Pat Goodale, Ken Hackathorn, “Super-Dave” Harrington, Rob Haught, Patrick McNamara, Robert Vogel. Larry Vickers, and many others.

Karl Rehn is owner and lead instructor of KR Training, offering classes at his A-Zone facility for the past 26 years. He has over 2000 hours of training from the nation’s top tactical schools and multiple national and world champion competitors. He is a multi-division Grand Master in USPSA, an NRA Training Counselor, a Texas law enforcement and carry permit instructor, and a graduate of the Rangemaster Advanced Instructor class. For the past 15 years, KR Training has placed at least one instructor or student in the top 10 of the Rangemaster Tactical Conference shooting match. In 2016, Karl transitioned to full time with KR Training, retiring after 10 years at Texas A&M managing the DHS-funded Threat and Risk Assessment national training program and 23 years doing Navy-funded R&D in physical security systems at UT-Austin.

Paul Sharp is the owner and head coach of the Straight Blast Gym Illinois, a Combat Base BJJ Blackbelt, and 1/6 of the ShivWorks Collective. He is also a retired police officer with nearly 20 years of experience. Current and past assignments have included patrol, SWAT, officer training, resident officer, undercover narcotics detective, and neighborhood response officer. Paul holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and instructor ratings in Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do concepts, and Mixed Martial Arts, and he has competed at a professional level in Mixed Martial Arts and boxing. He now teaches, blogs, and publishes training videos through his company, Sharp Defense.


Gabriel White is a defensive handgun instructor and competitive shooter in the Pacific Northwest. He comes from a pure private citizen background and seeks to develop students’ technical and tactical excellence. As the founder of Gabe White Training, Gabe stands apart by living a deep commitment to competing and training with his actual concealed carry gear at a high technical level and to adhering to safe and effective tactics and self-defense practices. Gabe is the Chief Instructor of the Public Range FTU and the public defensive handgun training program for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon. Gabe is FAST Challenge Coin-holder No. 9; he’s one of only four people worldwide to shoot the Rogers Shooting School Test clean; and he’s the only person worldwide to clean it from concealment.

Tatiana Whitlock is a firearms instructor and hunter residing in the majestic state of Maine. As a mother of two, she takes her family’s safety seriously and knows that in a worst-case scenario, she will always be the first responder on the scene. Tatiana is an NRA-certified instructor; the Director of Training at Howell’s Indoor Range and Shooting Academy; and the Director of Training for the national women’s shooting league, A Girl and A Gun. She is a featured host & instructor on Trigger Time TV and a contributing author for numerous industry publications and the NRA Women’s Network. She also serves as the Creative Director and COO for a Michigan-based firearms marketing agency, GAT Marketing.

Lee Weems has been a peace officer since January of 1999 and currently serves as the Chief Deputy of the Oconee County Georgia Sheriff’s Office. He served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI) and holds the GALEFI Master Instructor Certification. He is the owner and operator of First Person Safety and holds numerous instructor certifications from Rangemaster, the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and others.

The list of presenters for the next Tactical Conference is still being finalized. Please check back here often for updates as we add more trainers to the line-up.