Rangemaster Tactical Conference

The Tac-Con Team

The Rangemaster Tactical Conference was founded in 1998 by Tom Givens. With the help of his wife, Lynn Givens, Tac-Con has been growing ever since. But none of it would ever be possible without the wonderful crew members and volunteers who give their time, energy, and expertise to the conference every year. Rangemaster is forever grateful to the dozens of people who have become our Tac-Con family. Thanks so much for supporting our mission to provide top-quality personal defense training to everyday citizens at an affordable price. 

Tom Givens


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Lynn Givens


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Martin has been with Rangemaster almost since the beginning. He now serves as the Match Director at the Tactical Conference. Got questions about the Pistol Match? Martin can help. 

As Assistant Match Director, John is in charge of all things match-related whenever Martin is unavailable. With the help of dozens of volunteer RSOs, he and Martin make sure the match runs smoothly all weekend. 

Tiffany is a longtime Rangemaster-certified instructor. In addition to teaching and assisting with classes, she helps with Rangemaster’s newsletter, websites, social media, other online content, and general event coordination. 

Aqil Qadir is a longtime Rangemaster-certified instructor and a Tac-Con veteran. He recently took up the mantle of Chief Range Safety Officer for Tac-Con. Aq coordinates RSO assignments on all of the live-fire ranges.

In addition to being a longtime Rangemaster staff instructor, Hearne has a talent for building elaborate target systems. Do you like the challenge of shooting drills with turning targets and reactive mannequins? We have Mr. Hearne’s mechanical wizardry to thank for that.

Tamera Keel is known for her quick-witted writing skills, but Tac-Con is lucky enough to also benefit from her keen eye for imagery. Tam is a crack shot not only with a pistol and a pen, but also with a camera. Most of the photos on this website come from Tam, our official Tac-Con Photographer. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Every year, Tac-Con strives to have the most talented, best-trained, most professional RSO crew in the industry. We recruit a team of over a dozen volunteers to help enforce the safety rules at the match and on the live-fire ranges  all weekend. There have been too many over the years to name here, but we hope our RSOs know how much we appreciate them. They are the unsung heroes of Tac-Con, and this event simply would not happen without their hard work and dedication.